The story of Hotel Odsherred

This beautiful building in the bottom of the pedestrian street in Nykøbing, just across Dr. Margrethesvej has been an essential part of the city throughout the years.

Pandekagehuset has as a hotel affected the street view since 1917, originally as “Vilhelm Nielsens Hotel” and from 1961 as “Hotel Odsherred”, a name preserved until 2018.

It was at that point the current name “Pandekagehuset” was decided.

With its location near the original center and town square of Nykøbing, it has been centuries of population and activity on the farm. Historically speaking, it is only from the 1800th century that we know for certain.

As per an auction deed, it is known that per the 11th August 1834, the property was owned by the late priest Weibol, but when the city’s rectory at that point in time was at the top of “Kildestræde” (Grenås have) and at the corner of the town square and “Kirkestræde” it was most likely a private investment by the priest in question.

As per the 1834 deed the building was taken over by procurator Jacob Peter Bagger – and it stayed in his family all the way to 1906.

I 1874 the family decides to rename the building and call it “Hylleborg” – named after the wife’s maiden name. Sophie Hyldeborg Holst she was called.

After her death in 1906 the property went to her daughters Sophie Salto and Julie Causse, who was both widows. They had no interest in Nykæbing and sold it the same year to Lars Chr. Jensen, whom as per 25th of April 1910 sold it to shoemaker Laurits Jensen.

Around the turn of the century, Baggers widow had torn the old front building down and built the one which is still there today. Lars Chr. Jensen chose to use this as a shop to the right and privat property to the right with two apartments being rented out on the first floor.

It was at this point that haulier Laurits Jakobsen lived in a room across the driveway to the residence. It must have been a horrible noise, because the reason for Laurits return to Nykøbing, was that he had been driven out of Slagelse due to the noise of his car. The timing of his arrival probably makes him the first car owner in Odsherred.

In 1919 new streets were being built and one of the city’s eager restaurateurs became interested in the building. It was Vilhelm Nielsen, who until the had driven his business as neighbor to the city’s bookshop (In the upper part of the current Irma-market).

He bought the property in 1916 and immediately started a big restructuring, so as to next year open it as “Vilhelm Nielsens Hotel”. Eight hotel rooms was the beginning with room for 22 staying guests.

Solidity marked the coming decades, when the hotel was being run by Vilhelm Nielsen and his wife, until they got tired and handed it to their son Knud Nielsen in 1945. Four years later it was sold to Aage Nielsen from Karrebæksminde (Uncle Aage) who already in 1951 sold it again to Knud Strube.

He chose to run it in 10 years before he sold to Palle Hansson, who led it to yet another flourishing. Throughout 16 years he and miss Didde put energy, professionalism and love in the hotel, which in their time was the flagship of Odsherred.

Running a hotel is demanding however and in May 1980 they sold to the couple Hanne and Kell Ishoff, who only had a brief time at the place. Few months later came Zenia Randløv from Birkerød and in December 1981 the bank of Sjælland took the property at a forced auction. Entrepreneur Jørgen Pedersen bought it from the bank in February 1982. He initiated an immediate restructure which resulted in clubrooms on the first floor, “Jægerpub” and “Elvis” on the ground floor..

As a young person in the eighties musicvideos were trending. Just inside to the right in “Elvis” you could see and hear some of the hottest music of that time. Kajagoogoo and Limahl, Billy Ocean, Pet Shop Boys and lets not forget Sledgehammer with Peter Gabriel – just to name a few.

The year after, he leased the management of the place to Vibeke and Leif Gliese. After a few years came Gitte and Knud Jensen followed by Jette and Birger Frederiksen before Kahtja Nowak and Kent Nielsen took over the 1st of March 1989.

Story and photos are a courtesy of Claus Marcussen who also offers city walks with tales of the life in old Nykøbing.

Soruce: Claus Marcussen