About Hotel Pandekagehuset

Hotel Pandekagehuset has a central location at the end of the main street Algade in Nykøbing

The former Hotel Odsherred is in these days creating the framework for the city’s new culinarian experiences: Pancakes, from a classic Dutch recipe.

The inspiration for the menu comes from the sisterhotel to Pandekagehuset – Eidfjord Gjestgiveri.

In the summer of 2007 Pandekagehuset opened up at Eidfjord Gjestgiveri, and has been a success ever since, which now decided to move to Nykøbing.

You can choose between lots of different types of pancakes; Big, small, sweet and spicy. You can choose one or a bigger portion, with or without icecream – courtesy of Hansens Flødeis with their proud traditions.

Other than this Pandekagehuset offers a variety of simple dishes, where the roasted pork sandwich has already become a local hit.

Pandekaghuset was taken over in 2018 by the current owner Steen Giphardt. It is his wife who is making wonders in the kitchen, when she is not otherwise occupied in Eidfjord. Throughout the summer they go from place to place frequently.

Experience Odsherred


The area around Odsherred in the northwestern part of Sjælland has always been fascinating with the hilly terrain and the rolling hills.

A varied and beautiful landscape created during the Ice Age.

As the first Danish landscape to make it on UNESCOs Global Geopark Networks it became known as Geopark Odsherred.

It was the result of a long and hard effort and rooted in the spectacular landscape, the landscapes effect on the life of art and culture, along with the local food production, based on the special geological conditions.

Damming of the inlets in the 1800th century opened up for farming on the former seabed. This in turn gave way for a unique selection of local commodities and productions. Sustainable production of seaweed over wine and other quality commodities – who all marks a variation and commodity pride to this day.

In the summer it is possible to visit the Geopark with a guided hike in the landscape, whilst being told about the special conditions – you might even get a taste of the commodities!

Get more info at Visit Odsherred

Here you can book a guided tour or get maps for an adventure through the visiting field, 5 stops included.

A taste of Odsherred

In Odsherred you have plenty of options to visit farmershops and local suppliers.

You can check out Sindinge farmershop, Ørnberg Vin. Birkemosegård, Baunehøjgaard farmershop, Lammefjordens Spisekammer and Honningurt farmsales.

It is impossible to highlight all, so luckily you can find a more detailed overview here.

A series of good commodities is a natural part of the areas many gastronomical and culinarian offers. There are plenty of great restaurants around here.

At Lokalkompagniet in Nykøbing besides food made from local commodities, you will also find a little shop with local handicrafts.

Art and Culture

The area has put its own mark in an unusual active and rich environment for art and culture life. Odsherred therefore has its very own set of artists and art lovers, which laid the foundation for the special “art trip”, where a series of galleries and artist host an open house event during the Pentecost and the autumn break during the art and culture festival.

The art trip is deeply rooted in the local community and as such it has its own little folder, being refreshed each year. See it here.

At the same time annual art markets are hosted, Geopark Festival (2-4 of August), along with a bunch of galleries and local exhibitions in and around Nykøbing.

Find the overview here.

Active Vacation and adventures

GEOPARK ODSHERRED is an obvious area for the active vacation – you can hike or bike.

You can find maps with suggestions for hikes of various lengths and difficulties, likewise maps for biking trips. It has even gotten digital so you can download the maps for your smartphone – and off you go!

For the hikers there are possibilities for geoguided trips with themes being geologi, culture, art, nature, commodities, herb or swamps. There are plenty of rich history in and around Odsherred.

Anglers will find many different species along the coastline, in the lakes or the canals.

Find the overview of all the offers here.

And then of course the big “Sommerland Sjællands” amusement park or the neighbor Gekkopark with climbing in many difficulties.



GEOPARK Odsherred