Just by the stairs, Zaras room is the first room you will encounter. Zara is the heart of Hotel Pandekagehuset and rules kitchen and maintenance with overview and dedication. At some point in time she lived in this exact room.

In Zaras room you will find a nice double bed, bedtable, a beautiful wall painting with a motive of the beach, cozy bed lamps, charming paintings and a radiator. From Zaras room you have a direct view to Algade from the unique and old windows.

Zaras room does not have its own bath, but you can use one of the hotels several bathrooms in the hall.

Zaras room costs:
From November 23rd – April 2nd: 480,- DKK per night
From April 3rd – September 20th: 680,- DKK per night

To book Zaras room you can either call us at tel: +45 27125598 or send us a mail with your request. By clicking “Book now” you can send a mail directly.